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Chekov Is Fed Up: Why Does Sulu Have To Ruin Everything?

Chekov - Sulu Ruins Everything

Chekov - Sulu Ruins Everything

Chekov isn’t only the name of a famed Russian writer.  Ensign Pavel Chekov serving on board U.S.S. Enterprise may not have his famous countryman’s flair for the dramatic, but he’s certainly getting some serious attention lately.  It seems his crewmate, Sulu, is really ticking him off.

“He does it on purpose.  He ruins everything.  There I am, using my tricorder to ascertain the soil acidity or determine the tectonics, geological or meteorological data points, and BOOM here comes silly Sulu.”

We pressed him further, What does he actually do to get in your way?  

He deliberately gets in the way of my scanning.  He asks some dumb, throwaway question to our landing party commanding officer.  Are there giant bloodsucking leeches on this world?  Is the planet’s water as toxic and poisonous as arsenic?  Just really dumb questions!  And that’s it – nobody ever remembers me!  Why would my team leader or any of my crew mates ever ask me anything after a crap stunt like that?  What a damn showboat.  I am so sick of his childish bullshit!”

We pressed Chekov to tell us how he retaliated or if he would do so in the future – if he did have plans, he remained coy.

“What do I look like?  A total moron?  I’m not saying.  I’m not going to say a word.  I don’t need Sulu warned before it happens.  When the time comes and my time is right, I’ll take it.  I’ll make my move.  It’s going to go down.”

It’s all we could get out of the usually loquacious Ensign Chekov.  We wish Sulu the very best.  Oh, My!