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C3PO to R2D2: You Are Finally Being Useful!

R2D2 Decanter

R2D2 Decanter

C3PO and R2D2 – say the names to anyone anywhere and you’ll get back a big smile.  Droids are common appliances. They’re found in homes, spaceships and intergalactic gangster’s lairs, however some droids appeal more to us than others.  They evolve into more than mere servants or translators.  Droids made famous by the Skywalker family number among the most beloved. When C3PO learned of his buddy’s new gig, he couldn’t wait to pen this letter to him.  Editor’s Introduction

R2D2, I am so thrilled to hear this news!  It’s about time!  They’ve finally found the perfect use for your lazy, good for nothing hull!  I am overjoyed to learn you will finally be put to good use!

Job Fit For You

Coffee and other hot beverages are essential to humanity.  They number among our human master’s most cherished beverages.  To think that you will now be a decanter – serving hot liquids for consumption – is such celebratory news.

R2D2 Decanter
R2D2 At Work

I recall with giddy glee how you were put into service under that gloriously obese criminal, Jabba The Hutt.  You rolling around his lair, then on his flying barge as a glorified serving tray is among my most fond remembrances.  Yes, good times they certainly were!

As a top protocol droid and translator, I have translated this information into thousands of languages.  I’ve made certain to dispatch this news to Master Skywalker and all else who’d delight in hearing of your wet and lowly servitude.  I am certain a party will be thrown in your honor over hearing what’s become of you.  This new job of yours couldn’t have happened to a more worthless and obscene little droid.