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Wonder Woman Battles The Evil Frosty The Snowmen

Wonder Woman Battles Snowman

Wonder Woman Battles Snowmen

Wonder Woman has got her hands full of snow – literally.  Or we should say her golden lasso made full contact with a few nasty snowmen.  Our super powered, patriotic gal usually fights men of flesh and blood – or of approximate construction – which makes this breezy battle a real snowstorm, indeed.  Break out the snowblower, old chum.  This one’s a real blizzard!

Frosty Folk Snowmen – Bad News Icicles

Frosty Folk Snowmen aren’t a new boyband.  They’re a hip hipster new criminal clan.  Not to be confused with jolly Frosty The Snowman of mirthful legend, these snow punks are a group of evil, super powered snow beasts.  They go around masquerading as cuddly snowmen.  As soon as you’re back’s turned, they rip you off.  These icy incorrigibles raid banks, jewelry stores, and of course, premium ice cream warehouses.  It appears once they ooze all over the cold, sweet stuff, their super powers increase tenfold.

Brrrrrrrr – Where’s a space heater when ya need one?

We caught up with Wonder Woman to inquire on how she fared in her frost fight, she told us, “By the frost giants of folklore, they were no match for my irresistible lasso.  Fear no more, my common weak, citizen.  I put these snowmen on ice!”

Frosty Snowmen Clan
Frosty Snowmen Clan

All in a day’s work for the Princess of Paradise Island!  As we departed the scene, something important occurred to us.  When we reminded the wonderful Wonder Woman that the Frosty Folk appeared to gain strength from being on or around ice, she simply glared at us frostily.