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Charlie Evans From “Charlie X” Finds His Contact Lenses

Charlie X Finds Contact Lens

Charlie X Finds Contact Lens

Charlie X did it.  He finally found his contact lenses after all these many frustrating years.  You’ll recall how weirdly he’d twist and flip up his eyes.  This made him look odd, even frightening, but he was simply adjusting to not having his contact lenses in place.  You may remember him as Charlie Evans or Charles Evans or just plain old Charlie, but fans remember his documentary episode title, Charlie X.

Charles Evans acted strangely.  As a teen struggling with the powerful urges and drives which all young people have it wasn’t shocking his behavior was slightly off.  However, when you start going around turning people into lizards and wishing them away to a cosmic cornfield, people definitely take notice.  It wakes you up.

Yeoman Janice Rand, stationed on Captain Kirk’s Enterprise – 1701, commented on the news, “It’s great.  I’m happy for Charlie. Considering he wished me away to a blank, cold nameless and lifeless place – only to wish me back again before end of the story, well I’m no big fan of the kid.  But yeah, it’s good news.  Tell him I said hello and no hard feelings.”

Dr. Leonard McCoy – Bones to his pals – had this to say on hearing the celebratory news.  “Charlie is a one of a kind.  I don’t think we’ll ever encounter another like him.  Oh, well, there’s that Squire of Gothos, and that Apollo God clown.  So, well yeah, maybe we will, but Charlie, well I think Starfleet Medical would like a crack at him for awhile.”

Contact lenses are essential for good vision – especially when you’re roaming starships causing people pain, ripping their faces off or causing them to age at a fantastically accelerated rate.  When we finally caught up to the man himself, he was jubilant, “You know 99% of what was happening to me was because I had lost my contact lenses.  It was not because I’m some puberty raging brat who can’t control his loins or sexual urges.  You believe me, right?  What did Captain Kirk have to say about this?  I bet it was mean!  Was it mean?  Well I’ll show him.  I’ll show all of you!”