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Klingon Culture Spotlight – Winter Comes And So Come The Klingon Snowmen

Klingon Warrior Snowmen

Winter Comes And So Come Our Warrior Snowmen Soaked In Bloody Battle Snow – Ancient Klingon Proverb

Klingon Warrior Snowmen?  Has hell really finally frozen over?  You bet your steaming cup of Raktajino!  Think only sniveling Earthlings can mold snow into frigid ice idols?  Think again, underestimating Terran!  This alien culture is surprisingly complex.  It’s not all about blood and guts, nor bleeding out or gutting one another.  These honorable warriors don’t simply carve out each other’s hearts.  They also carve snow into simulations of each other.

What exactly is the wintry tradition when it comes to crafting a snowman warrior?  It’s not exactly common knowledge, but it’s been said enormous blocks of ice are carved up by Bat’leth wielding warriors.  When the crushed ice is properly packed with snow, the snowman created pack quite a wallop indeed.

Klingon Warrior Snowmen

Brew up a steaming pot of fiery raktajino and dig into a supersize helping of fresh, squirming Gagh.  Celebrate the cold season with Klingon Warrior Snowmen.  After all, if you don’t, they may get kinda angry.  Snow Warriors Assemble!  Q’apla!