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Admiral Tarantino Will Direct A Starfleet Promotional Film

Admiral Tarantino To Direct Film

Tarantino is an Admiral everyone knows.  His reputation as a hard hitting Starship Captain is legendary.  However, his later career working in Starfleet’s promotional division has become equally as remarkable.  Enjoy films showcasing United Federation of Planet’s extreme explorers?  Tarantino probably directed it.  Now he’ll be undertaking an incredibly ambitious project.  The most recent recruitment films have taken lots of flack.  Can AT bring glory back to Starfleet’s game?


Promotional films are hit or miss.  Take Starfleet: The Moving Picture, as example.  Billed as the ‘ultimate confrontation’ between man and machine, many felt its run time was way too long, while visual FX weren’t the most cutting edge for the time.  Sure, it’s a bit dated.  It still impresses as one of the first for Starfleet’s embryonic PR division, but now is embraced as a quaint time capsule.  It even gave us a bald alien babe.  

Promotional Or Recruitment Films

Which recruitment movies do you love?  Efforts such as, The Wrath Of Han aka The Wrath Of Chaka Khan completely re-energized the promotional division’s flagging image.  We marveled as a tyrant’s plans for galactic domination were foiled by Admiral Kirk.  There are so many more.  Everyone picks a treasured one to savor.  My favorite is Bring Home Those Damn Whales – the finale where the crew nearly drown in the San Francisco bay is one you can share with the whole family.

We find ourselves in a transition period.  Starfleet supporters complain on how fractured the promotional efforts are lately.  Conflict over which era is the one to focus on is rampant.  It’s a reflective time.  It’s an uncertain time.  And that’s when risks must be taken.  The Kobayashi Maru must be taken.  Admiral Tarantino’s reputation scares loyal Starfleet boosters, however, one thing’s certain:  AT’s film is guaranteed not to be safe, boring nor predictable.  If there’s anything we want in a recruitment film, it’s those dynamic storytelling qualities.