Porg Or Borg

Porg or Borg?  Confused?  Don’t be.  It’s a simple question, but it has no truly simple answer.  Star Wars: The Last Jedi introduces us to the Porg – a cute puffin like bird.  Star Trek: Voyager gave the world Seven Of Nine (Jeri Ryan) an attractive Borg drone.  Where does the cuteness factor rate for these adorable characters?


Like so many things debated in Star Wars and Star Trek, it’ll ultimately be up to the fans to decide.  May the Force let you Live Long & Prosper.


7 thoughts on “Is A Porg Cuter Than A Borg? Star Wars & Star Trek Cuteness Factor

  1. Hell with that furball. 7 of 9 all day, everyday. I would tribble all over her interface. AND,,,,,,,at warp speed.

  2. Seven of Nine. Why? Because you can’t have sex with a tiny bird-like creature. Well, if you can then you need to see a doctor…

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