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Jabba The Hutt Meets Captain Kirk – Star Wars Parody

Jabba Meets Kirk

Jabba The Hutt lives as a worm of decadent luxury.  His lair is filled with comfort and he indulges in life’s pleasure.  Food, drink, dance and all manner of play define Jabba’s obsessions.  It’s a wonder this obese worm has time to waddle after Han Solo.  Of all the many colorful aliens found in Star Wars, he is the most larger than life.

James T. Kirk isn’t exactly a cowering wallflower.

Captain Kirk bears more than a passing resemblance to Han Solo.  It’s a good bet they’d find much to admire in each other.  What would happen if the streams crossed and Kirk’s Enterprise collided with the Hutt?  Could Starfleet’s finest deal effectively with one of the more savage galactic villains?  Kirk’s dealt with Harry Mudd, so he’s can in deal with deceptive rogues.  Now he demands to see Kirk.  Anything can happen if these two bad boys mix it up.