Harry Mudd can sell anything to anyone.  Or maybe he can con anyone into buying anything.  Bottom line:  Mister Mudd loves to hang out with Captain Kirk’s Enterprise and get into mischief.  Something tells me that if Jim Kirk wasn’t a starship Captain, he’d be hanging out a lot more with Harry Mudd.

We won’t see robots or androids stationed on Starships until Captain Picard’s TNG era.  Data would become the first android to graduate Starfleet Academy and function as a truly sentient crew member.  What if ‘droids’ came into Kirk’s era?  There’s no better man than Mudd to make it happen.  I just wonder what rank C3PO and R2D2 would be granted? 

2 thoughts on “Harry Mudd Sells Kirk’s Enterprise Droids – Star Wars Parody

  1. Star wars droids are grossly inferior, with respect to droid technology. I mean, take R2D2 for instance. He seems to be the standard from a utility droid standpoint, but in reality, he is capable of nothing more than a cocktail server on a Tattooine Sand barge. CONVERSELY, Data’s capabilities are much more prominant. He os capable of taking command of a Starship. He makes R2 look like a mustache trimmer. Just one man’s blatherings.

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