Darth Vader isn’t smiling.  He’s not a happy camper these days.  He’s well aware a new Star Wars movie is being released – one which seems to have kicked him to the curb.  Vader isn’t known for a subtle nature, but he’s really not pulling any punches this time.  Will The Last Jedi be the last movie Vader sees or comments on?

Can a Sith Lord versed in destructive energies of the Force’s darkside truly care if he’s in a movie or not?  Or because he’s not featured on a movie poster?  This one sure seems to be ticked off about it.  He won’t be ignored!


3 thoughts on “Darth Vader Is Pissed Off At The Last Jedi

  1. He was killed off in the Return of the Jedi. As confirmed by the bald, chubby middle aged ghost at the end of the movie. When he was kickin it in the afterlife with Obi Wan and His Yoda-ness. So I’m going the other way. My guess is, Darth is enjoying his retirement. A life serving the darkside having ravaged his body and probably every last nerve a retired General of ALL emperial Galactic forces having supported and dealt with EVERY problem at the COMMAND level and all the day to day bullshit THAT would provide. I say, he’s chillin like a villian in the hereafter, “OH did I miss a movie? Huhhh huhhhh huhhhh. Huuuuuuh. Im good with it.”

    1. Nice try!

      He misses the limelight and we miss him – especially with the current crop of villains ‘honoring’ his memory. And since he’s now a ‘Force Ghost’ – he can definitely appear anywhere he wants.

      Oh, there ya go – a spin-off movie: ‘Star Wars: The Force Ghost’

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