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Warp Core Power – The Fuel Of The 24th Century

Warp Core

Warp cores dazzle us and inspire our sense of high tech wonder.  Each time Captain Kirk or Captain Picard orders a warp factor, their ship leaps faster than light, along with our stimulated imaginations.

It’s a tricky dramatic feat to balance the appearance of realistic functionality with something pleasing to the eye. When you create sets on a TV show, budget and functionality are always foremost in the production team’s mind.  The various warp core incarnations on Star Trek we’ve seen over the years achieve an elegant balance between dramatic power and that all important illusion of realism.  It’s no matter if it’s Enterprise, Defiant, Excelsior, Voyager or Discovery, the warp engines powered by the core fuels the starship and our sense of wonder.

Ahead, Warp Factor One, Mister Sulu.  Let’s see what’s out there……


Warp Core