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Star Trek: The Next Generation Parody – ‘Sun Block Required’

Sunblock MIssion

Star Trek: The Next Generation turned 30 years old in 2017.  Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) commanded his loyal Starfleet crew as they took up the sizable mantle passed to them by Kirk’s crew.  Ultimately, they carved a pop culture legend all their own.

Engage.  Let’s see what’s out there.

Picard’s Enterprise D was bigger, faster and beefier than Kirk’s.  It held nearly three times the crew, boasted a bar – Ten Forward – and holographic room, or Holodeck.  Officers included Data (Brent Spiner) the first sentient android to serve on a starship, and Worf, a Klingon raised by humans.  Data’s personal mission to become more human or at least understand the concept meshed perfectly with Picard’s Starfleet explorers scouring the galaxy for new lifeforms, while Worf longed to reconnect with his Klingon heritage.  

Since 1994, Star Trek: The Next Generation spawned four successful feature films, and now there’s talk of Patrick Stewart reprising Picard once more, after news of director Quentin Tarantino being in talks with Paramount to helm a Trek film.

Sunblock Mission